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We’re Open!

Me with ears

Well Duck Mountain is all fired up for the season! Christmas came and brought with it a good dump of snow which was a perfect topping to the fresh groomed hill. Things looked good for opening day on the 26th.

Turned out we had a great day! We had the largest turn out for Boxing day in several years. Skis and boards and tubes everywhere. A good sign for sure. Started to remind me of days gone by…

Speaking of days gone by the 27th was my Birthday! Thanks for all the well wishes from everyone who came out and shared my birthday cake today! The cake was a special recipe my wife Rita found that she just happened to have all the ingredients on hand. Funny how things work out sometimes.

So things are off to a solid start. We are still making adjustments as we go. Moving snow, packing the runs, and constantly shaping the tube run to smooth out the fun!

Lucky Day 13!!

Rita & CraigSo here we are on a most auspicious day! On the 13th of December we have only 13 days left until opening day on the 26th. Surely this is a numerologist’s dream! The question, however, is this; Is this a good day for The Duck?

My reply can only be a resounding YES! This is in no small part to the end of the spell of unseasonably warm weather that we have been experiencing this week.

Yorkton area had temperatures of 5 C! Plus temperatures in December are normally rare in these parts. When they do happen the typical Saskatchewan resident rejoices. And why not? Surely the winters are long and hard here and any relief is welcomed.

In spite of this heat wave the snow that has accumulated at The Duck thus far has not been erased. Duck Mountain always enjoys a significant extra bit of snow every snowfall. So while outside of the park had a mere 6 inches of snow the Duck was pushing 8! This means that even with some melting we did not lose a terrible amount of our snow cover. I was even doing a little grooming and cleaning the parking lot earlier this week.

So with our current snow preserved by the Duck’s naturally cooler temperature and extra inches of snow we still stand ready for the next dump of snow.  The weather man says it could be coming in the next few days.

Keep chanting. Snow, snow, snow, snow….