Santa’s Almost Here!

I just realized that it has been ten days since I posted an update. Wow time flies!

Of course everyone is feeling the crunch these last few days before Christmas. So many things to do and so many places to get to. Presents to buy and wrap, parties to attend, family to visit. School is out and the house always seems so full.

So we had our Staff training / soft opening day this last weekend and it was great. I have had more than a few details causing me stress these last few weeks. You start to feel the weight of the project and the time running out.

But Saturday came and with it I gained a Staff. What a great bunch they turned out to be. It is a perfect mix of new and returning staff. There are a few old hands from the good old days and a good pile of younger members with extra energy and spirit. In a single day we got a lot of my details ironed out. Big thanks to all of them. It’s gonna be a great season with this crew.

And amidst all the shoveling and decorating and cleaning we actually had a few people come to check the place out! A group looking to go tubing came to see what we had to offer. We were happy to have them to help smooth out the rough edges on the tube run. They became an essential part of product testing and development! And I think they had a little fun along the way too.

So things are looking good for opening. Still praying for more snow but gonna play as hard as we can with what we have. And you should too. See you on Boxing Day!

Lucky Day 13!!

Rita & CraigSo here we are on a most auspicious day! On the 13th of December we have only 13 days left until opening day on the 26th. Surely this is a numerologist’s dream! The question, however, is this; Is this a good day for The Duck?

My reply can only be a resounding YES! This is in no small part to the end of the spell of unseasonably warm weather that we have been experiencing this week.

Yorkton area had temperatures of 5 C! Plus temperatures in December are normally rare in these parts. When they do happen the typical Saskatchewan resident rejoices. And why not? Surely the winters are long and hard here and any relief is welcomed.

In spite of this heat wave the snow that has accumulated at The Duck thus far has not been erased. Duck Mountain always enjoys a significant extra bit of snow every snowfall. So while outside of the park had a mere 6 inches of snow the Duck was pushing 8! This means that even with some melting we did not lose a terrible amount of our snow cover. I was even doing a little grooming and cleaning the parking lot earlier this week.

So with our current snow preserved by the Duck’s naturally cooler temperature and extra inches of snow we still stand ready for the next dump of snow.  The weather man says it could be coming in the next few days.

Keep chanting. Snow, snow, snow, snow….

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

So here we are with only 18 days until The Duck opens the gates and lets everybody in for the season. That means too that there are only 17 days until Christmas. Also there are only 16 shopping days left! DON’T PANIC! There is still lots of time to get everyone on your list what it is they have wished for.

Of course you are expecting me to include the shameless self promotion that is always obligatory here. Season’s Pass to the Duck? Absolutely you should get one! So hustle out to Sas Kam Sportsman or the Town of Kamsack Office for the application forms. Get them now and be sure not to miss a moment of our season. Gift certificates are also available.

But as fantastic as those are going to be in the coming weeks and months it is tricky to gift wrap and personalize. So let me give you a personal recommendation.

Buy a helmet. It is the best present you can get the skiers and boarders in the family. Snowsports can be tricky. It’s tons of fun to spend the winter sliding over the ice and snow but sometimes it can turn out a little unexpected.

Buy a helmet. When I first started skiing only racers and babies wore helmets. Not anymore. Now everybody is wearing a helmet. Wearing a helmet used to be heavy and awkward and they came in only two colors. Now helmets are light, comfortable, stylish, and colorful. As varied as the many types of skier and boarder.

Buy a helmet. I have no idea how many times mine has saved my noggin bouncing over the scenery during a misstep. And the added security that you gain with knowing you will finish the day in the same state you started translates into more confidant riding. Seriously.

Buy a helmet. Best of all Helmets are not just for your kids anymore! You want the wee ones to protect their melon. Good. Protect yours. Better.

So after putting many miles and years on my last helmet I am testing out a new one this season. I hope you will too.12182013403


C'mon ski the duck