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Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

So here we are with only 18 days until The Duck opens the gates and lets everybody in for the season. That means too that there are only 17 days until Christmas. Also there are only 16 shopping days left! DON’T PANIC! There is still lots of time to get everyone on your list what it is they have wished for.

Of course you are expecting me to include the shameless self promotion that is always obligatory here. Season’s Pass to the Duck? Absolutely you should get one! So hustle out to Sas Kam Sportsman or the Town of Kamsack Office for the application forms. Get them now and be sure not to miss a moment of our season. Gift certificates are also available.

But as fantastic as those are going to be in the coming weeks and months it is tricky to gift wrap and personalize. So let me give you a personal recommendation.

Buy a helmet. It is the best present you can get the skiers and boarders in the family. Snowsports can be tricky. It’s tons of fun to spend the winter sliding over the ice and snow but sometimes it can turn out a little unexpected.

Buy a helmet. When I first started skiing only racers and babies wore helmets. Not anymore. Now everybody is wearing a helmet. Wearing a helmet used to be heavy and awkward and they came in only two colors. Now helmets are light, comfortable, stylish, and colorful. As varied as the many types of skier and boarder.

Buy a helmet. I have no idea how many times mine has saved my noggin bouncing over the scenery during a misstep. And the added security that you gain with knowing you will finish the day in the same state you started translates into more confidant riding. Seriously.

Buy a helmet. Best of all Helmets are not just for your kids anymore! You want the wee ones to protect their melon. Good. Protect yours. Better.

So after putting many miles and years on my last helmet I am testing out a new one this season. I hope you will too.12182013403


Get Fired Up for the 2014-15 Season!!

It is the 28th of November and the snow outside is just pounding down! What could be better?

Craig Brock here to get everybody pumped for the winter season of playing in the snow. Welcome to the new winter season of fun at Duck Mountain Ski Area! Many of you out there will remember me as I have been involved with The Duck off and on for many years. This year my wife Rita and I have accepted the challenge of becoming the management team for Duck Mountain. We are excited and ready to make The Duck the place that everyone wants to be! So if you ski or snowboard, or even if you don’t, get ready to give up hibernation. Winter is gonna be your new favorite time of the year. It’s always been mine!