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Fantastic February Break!

Good Times are happening at the Duck this February Break!

We have had a great turnout all week long.  Mild weather and perfect snow has combined for a great time. The fun will continue all weekend until the kids head back to school.  It doesn’t get any better than this!

And the Staff know it too.


Crazy Weather! Video update!

Another week has sped by and another weekend at The Duck is spent.

What a weekend for weather! Saturday we had rain! Sure it only lasted for about 30 minutes but I did get wet while teaching a lesson. The lesson went well though. Had a brother and sister and they were both catching on by the end of an hour. So great to see people learning new things and feeling success.

And then on Sunday, what crazy wind! At least out on the highway. As most people know, our hill is well sheltered and faces to the southeast. Most wind in these parts comes from the northwest. The Duck has always enjoyed a certain immunity to the wind chill.

So here is a bit of entertainment and a bit of a tour for everyone! A new video! As you can see the snow conditions are just fantastic despite what it may be in town or in the city.