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Duck Open New Year’s Day 12 to 4:30! Debit Machine is Back!


We have had an outstanding Christmas Break! The snow was a little lean and the staff has spent a LOT of time shoveling to cover the thin spots. That has not stopped the skiers and snowboarders and tubers from having a great time in the winter wonderland.

The Debit Machine is back on line! Technical difficulties are at an end and we can now take bank cards again. Thanks to everyone for their patience.

New Year’s Eve at 4pm we will mark the end of 2015 with our annual Fireworks display! Be sure to hang out til end of day for that!

January 1st, New Year’s Day, we will be opening late to let everyone recover from the nightly festivities. So lifts will open at 12 noon and tickets will be half day rate!

See you at The Duck!

Winter is Here!

I’ve been gone for a bit. Florida actually. I went to Orlando and visited the “House of Mouse” as they call it. We also saw many other attractions and fun things. A good time was had by all. The temperature down south was in the mid 20’s and we even had a few beach days.

So you can imagine the sight that greeted me at home in Kamsack. Yes, the snow is on the ground and the chill in the air is sharp to someone who just came back from the warm and humid environment of central Florida. Oddly the snow is pretty light traveling north until you get near Yorkton. The snow there is still half of what is in my front yard here in Kamsack. Funny how that works. And just to keep me informed one of the regulars at the Duck sent me a pic from last week on the Ski Hill road.

Might need to get that plowed.

How blessed are we in this little pocket to have such great natural snow! Grooming should start shortly and I am soooo excited. I hope this winter to spend more days on snow than I did last year. In fact it is a mission. I invite everyone else to do the same.

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Season’s Passes On Sale Now!


It’s the end of October and the temperatures are dropping.  There is no snow yet but a chill is in the air.  For those of us who love winter it is time to dust off the gear and start to think about all the winter recreation possibilities! Skiing, snowboarding, tubing, snowmobiling, X-C skiing, snowshoeing!

So to help everyone get a jump on the season planning here is our “Season’s Pass Form” for winter 2015/16 !  Our prices have stayed the same as last year.  Still the same great value!  An Adult pass pays for itself in only 8 visits!

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