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Winter is Here!

I’ve been gone for a bit. Florida actually. I went to Orlando and visited the “House of Mouse” as they call it. We also saw many other attractions and fun things. A good time was had by all. The temperature down south was in the mid 20’s and we even had a few beach days.

So you can imagine the sight that greeted me at home in Kamsack. Yes, the snow is on the ground and the chill in the air is sharp to someone who just came back from the warm and humid environment of central Florida. Oddly the snow is pretty light traveling north until you get near Yorkton. The snow there is still half of what is in my front yard here in Kamsack. Funny how that works. And just to keep me informed one of the regulars at the Duck sent me a pic from last week on the Ski Hill road.

Might need to get that plowed.

How blessed are we in this little pocket to have such great natural snow! Grooming should start shortly and I am soooo excited. I hope this winter to spend more days on snow than I did last year. In fact it is a mission. I invite everyone else to do the same.

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It’s the end of October and the temperatures are dropping.  There is no snow yet but a chill is in the air.  For those of us who love winter it is time to dust off the gear and start to think about all the winter recreation possibilities! Skiing, snowboarding, tubing, snowmobiling, X-C skiing, snowshoeing!

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Record breaking beautiful weather!


So in one short month we have experienced the lows of -30 all the way up to plus 2 today! Hard to believe this is January in Saskatchewan. Harder still to believe that many people are still huddling in their houses and not out in the sunshine!

We have tons of snow at The Duck! Duck Mountain has always received more snow than the surrounding area. So much so that even when the pavement is showing in town we still have plenty to play in at the Hill! This weekend we are going to have snow and sunshine! Fantastic.

Let’s remember that there is more to do at the duck than just Skiing and Boarding. We also have a great tube run! The tube run has certainly got it’s share of attention so far this winter. Some days it seems like it is the busiest place on the hill. With the temperature up the snow should be fast adding to the thrills!

This Sunday we are hosting a group of local snowshoers! Taking advantage of our great temps and trails in and around the ski area. What a great way to explore the hills of Duck Mountain!