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Record breaking beautiful weather!


So in one short month we have experienced the lows of -30 all the way up to plus 2 today! Hard to believe this is January in Saskatchewan. Harder still to believe that many people are still huddling in their houses and not out in the sunshine!

We have tons of snow at The Duck! Duck Mountain has always received more snow than the surrounding area. So much so that even when the pavement is showing in town we still have plenty to play in at the Hill! This weekend we are going to have snow and sunshine! Fantastic.

Let’s remember that there is more to do at the duck than just Skiing and Boarding. We also have a great tube run! The tube run has certainly got it’s share of attention so far this winter. Some days it seems like it is the busiest place on the hill. With the temperature up the snow should be fast adding to the thrills!

This Sunday we are hosting a group of local snowshoers! Taking advantage of our great temps and trails in and around the ski area. What a great way to explore the hills of Duck Mountain!

Santa’s Almost Here!

I just realized that it has been ten days since I posted an update. Wow time flies!

Of course everyone is feeling the crunch these last few days before Christmas. So many things to do and so many places to get to. Presents to buy and wrap, parties to attend, family to visit. School is out and the house always seems so full.

So we had our Staff training / soft opening day this last weekend and it was great. I have had more than a few details causing me stress these last few weeks. You start to feel the weight of the project and the time running out.

But Saturday came and with it I gained a Staff. What a great bunch they turned out to be. It is a perfect mix of new and returning staff. There are a few old hands from the good old days and a good pile of younger members with extra energy and spirit. In a single day we got a lot of my details ironed out. Big thanks to all of them. It’s gonna be a great season with this crew.

And amidst all the shoveling and decorating and cleaning we actually had a few people come to check the place out! A group looking to go tubing came to see what we had to offer. We were happy to have them to help smooth out the rough edges on the tube run. They became an essential part of product testing and development! And I think they had a little fun along the way too.

So things are looking good for opening. Still praying for more snow but gonna play as hard as we can with what we have. And you should too. See you on Boxing Day!

Get Fired Up for the 2014-15 Season!!

It is the 28th of November and the snow outside is just pounding down! What could be better?

Craig Brock here to get everybody pumped for the winter season of playing in the snow. Welcome to the new winter season of fun at Duck Mountain Ski Area! Many of you out there will remember me as I have been involved with The Duck off and on for many years. This year my wife Rita and I have accepted the challenge of becoming the management team for Duck Mountain. We are excited and ready to make The Duck the place that everyone wants to be! So if you ski or snowboard, or even if you don’t, get ready to give up hibernation. Winter is gonna be your new favorite time of the year. It’s always been mine!