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Open today! No Little Ducks!

It is still a little cold but we are OPEN! The freeze is breaking around noon.  We still have a ton of fresh powder to play in from last week. So lots of fun for all you powder hounds!

However, it is still too cool for Little Ducks in the morning. Keep checking in for updates on the Little Duck Program or send a message to manager@skitheduck.com .

Tons of Fresh Snow at Duck Mountain!

We have had TONS of snow fall this last week. No sooner than I had finished grooming the trails last week and the storms blew in! We have had 20cm of fresh snow on our 30cm base. There are still plenty of places where the powder has not been disturbed yet.  And we plan to have the RED T-Bar running at half day! The conditions are fantastic! The temperatures are looking to be milder for Saturday and Sunday. This is the weekend to shake off the CABIN FEVER and Ski the Duck!

Duck Mountain Run Report Jan 5 & 6

It has been a great Christmas Break at Duck Mountain and everyone has been having a blast! There has been a few questions about conditions and what runs are Open and Closed so here is an update.

Snow conditions are: 4 inches of groomed base with 3 inches of new snow on top!


The Green T-Bar Lift including all 14 runs that it accesses!

The Carpet Lift is running!  Had some issues last week but it is going full now!

CLOSED (Due to lack of snow)

The Red T-Bar and the 6 runs that it accesses.

The Tube Run. We are still hauling snow to the Tube Run and hope to have it open next weekend. Stay tuned!

Also please note: There are still no lessons available as our instructor is recovering from illness.