Duck Mountain Ski Area 2019/20 Group Instructions

Thank you for choosing Duck Mountain Ski Area for your group ski trip!  There are a few things we need from you to assist us in making your visit to Duck Mountain a success!
  1. Make your bookings for your date well in advance with Craig Brock, General Manager at: 306-542-4111, or 306-601-9021(cell).
  2. On receiving the group info package, please make copies of the “Group Rental Info Sheet” and the “Waiver Form”
  3. Please have correct information filled out for each member taking part on the Group Info Sheet. (white areas only)
  4. Please have each person (or if <18 yrs old parent / guardian) sign and date a copy of the Waiver Form.
  5. Email us the Group Rental Info Sheets so that we can set your skis ahead of time giving you more time to enjoy the snow!
  6. Bring us the signed Waiver Forms when you arrive.

We look forward to seeing you on the snow!

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